The Legend Of… The Elder Scrolls Ep.2

Play Epsiode  In this episode of “The Legend Of” we cover our 2nd episode! Which is titled Elder Scrolls, during the episode you will hear myself Zach AKA Dark Legend, KillerKevyKev (Kevylicious) Seraph OR 1/2 of the Cynical Bastards AND AGAIN Q! We cover the elder scrolls touching on Morrowind, Oblivion, BUT mainly focusing on … Read moreThe Legend Of… The Elder Scrolls Ep.2

Why Doesn’t Origin Care About Their Consumers?

So let me Start off by saying I never have had such a horrendous experience with ANY “customer service” in my entire life. But let me clarify the company i’m talking about which is Origin also known as EA (Electronic Art). This all started this morning 5/23/2014 when i woke up from a goodnights sleep btw … Read moreWhy Doesn’t Origin Care About Their Consumers?

The Legend Of… The Legend Of Ep.1

Play Epsiode [audio] This Is the First “The Legend Of” Podcast I am joined by a Co-Host that you may of heard of by the name of Q. We discuss the process of picking a name as well as other various things. I explain why this podcast came to be and give a shout out … Read moreThe Legend Of… The Legend Of Ep.1

Legendary Skate Review

Upon receiving my PS3 I heard of a game that rivaled Tony Hawk called SKATE. After hearing of this game an it’s revolutionary joystick controls for your feet it had me drawn in. The Pro’s: This game is based off true controller control and pose. You have to line your grinds up just right and … Read moreLegendary Skate Review

Legendary Mafia II Review

I played this game based on the fact it SEEMED GTA style which is a series i’ve enjoyed in the past but never been to thrilled about, But what got my attention was the Mafia aspect. For as long as i can remember i’ve enjoyed watching, reading, learning and all around just loved the mafia … Read moreLegendary Mafia II Review

Legendary Saints IV Review

Returning to Saints Row after not playing the 3rd installment I thought would be a hard thing to do with all the changes the 2nd installment brought to the table, but i was WRONG. Not only was it an easy transition it was a piece of cake. You start off by taking down a Nuke … Read moreLegendary Saints IV Review

Legendary Initial Nintendo WII U Review (Legend of Zelda Limited Edition Console)

Hey! Thanks for Reading my article I am The Dark Legend. The newest (at this time) Button Smashers Editor! I am very excited to be here. I have been actually writing articles for a year or so, as well i’m going to be live Streaming and running a YouTube. So let me formally introduce myself … Read moreLegendary Initial Nintendo WII U Review (Legend of Zelda Limited Edition Console)

Legendary Skyrim Review

Now before we begin I must point out that I Have played Morrowind GOTY Edition on PC way back when and loved it. Never fully beat it but loved the experience none the less. As well I have played Oblivion GOTY Edition on PC and PS3 as well neither time fully completing the storyline. Just … Read moreLegendary Skyrim Review